Bakudan (Manga)
Volume 1
Volumes 2
Author Miyashita Akira
Demographic Action, Sports
Magazine Weekly Shounen Jump

Bakudan is a manga by Miyashita Akira which was publishd in Weekly Shounen Jump from 1994 to 1995. It consists of two volumes.


Baku Ryosuke, also known as Bakudan, is a fresh-out-of-juvy punk and a dangerous street-fighter who is scouted by a Yakuza syndicate and dreams of becoming the greatest Yakuza don in all of Japan. However, to teach Bakudan a lesson, the Yakuza send him to the gym of a retired heavyweight boxer named Ken Tamaki to get him to sign away his property. But after fighting Bakudan for the property, Tamaki becomes impressed by Bakudan’s fighting skills, and from then on devotes himself to helping Bakudan follow his true destiny… to become the first heavyweight world champion boxer from Japan!

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